Great snacks ideas

Finding healthy options in the supermarket shopping aisles can be tricky. Many shop bought snacks, often aimed at kids, are laden with hidden sugar and preservatives. As a busy mum of three, I understand that time is of the essence. So, I have put together a list of a several quick and easy snack ideas to keep you and your children satisfied when the munchies come along.

Healthy snack ideas...
  1. Yoghurt/kefir with a sprinkle of acai powder
  2. Air poped salted popcorn
  3. Kale crisps
  4. Bell peppers and carrots in hummus or guacamole
  5. Apples sprinkled with cinnamon
  6. Nuts and seeds trail mix
  7. Celery and carrot sticks dipped in almond butter
  8. Homemade energy balls (rolled oats, almond butter, freeze dried strawberries, coconut flakes and a touch of honey)
  9. Cottage cheese on oatcakes
  10. Overnight soaked porridge oats (oats, milk, cinnamon, chia seeds and vanilla)
  11. Cheese
  12. Berry smoothie
  13. Hard boiled eggs
  14. Baked sweet potato
  15. Mixed berries